Facilities Provided

  • Best Location
  • Centralised AC
  • Well Furnished Rooms
  • Generator Service Available
  • Open Garden With Fountain
  • 400-1500 People Accomodation
  • Parking Available
  • Doctor on Call
  • Lift Facilities
  • Fire Control
  • CCTV Camera

Why Choose Us?

  • Facilities within budget
  • Personalised Services
  • All basic facilities and Amenities
  • Complimentary Services
  • Locational Advantage
  • Centralized AC

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Terms and Conditions

For per day, occupying time is from 8 A.M. till 6 A.M. next day.

Extra Service Tax applicable. (It is NON REFUNDABLE)



Parban is available for any type of social functions on payment of 50% of the full amount payable to the authorities in advance. Rest 50% is payable 15 days before the function being full and final settlement.


Cancellation / Refund of Advance:

1. 20% of the Advance Amount deducted, if the Booking is cancelled within 30 Days from the Date of Signing the Agreement.

2. No Refund shall be made, if the Booking is cancelled after 30 Days from the Date of Signing the Agreement but if the Cancelled Date is further Booked by Other Party, then 50% of the Advance Amount shall be Refunded



1. The articles/furniture and fixtures to your taste is available to be used properly with all care and caution and to be handed over to the caretaker in proper condition before vacating the house. Any extra items/articles required if any is available on request 7 days before the date of Occasion subject to availability against extra payment for such extra requirement (all type of electrical equipment and decorative materials, etc.) For using Video Cameras, Additional lights/fans, Coffee Machines or any other Electrical Equipments extra electric charges fixed by the authority is payable is addition to agreed value.


2. Use of coal, wood, gas, electric heater, etc. inside the house is not permissible. Engaging any outside Person/Agency for floral and electrical decoration and decorative works is not permissible and same shall be done by the enlisted persons/agency by the authorities against a (reasonable) charge payable extra according to your taste/requirements and sustainability. A.C. facilities available.


Terms for A.C. Facility

Ground Area - OPTIONAL

First Floor and Second Floor - CENTRALLY A.C. (Compulsory)


3. Consumption of Alcohol/intoxicating items and creating public nuisance is strictly prohibited. As the entire building is equipped with fire extinguishing plant, smoking inside the building is strictly prohibited to avoid any fire alarm/hazards.


4. Using of Loudspeakers, performing vocal/orchestra shall be done strictly as per sound pollution Act of Government of W.B.


5. The occupier shall arrange for disposal/taking out the waste materials/garbage accumulated by the caterer. No person from the caterer's side shall be allowed to stay inside the premises after 12.a.m. (night).


6. Occupiers belongings shall be preserved under own care and custody. The authority shall not be responsible for any kind of Theft/Burglary/Loss and/or any untoward situation.


7. The waste materials of any nature other than caterer's waste materials/garbage shall be kept in the proper bins/place kept in the house/lawn.


8. The occupier shall ensure compliance of the above terms and conditions while booking and further to keep the walls/floors toilets etc. neat and clean, failing which proper compensation shall have to be paid before vacating the house. Charges for any item e.g. furniture's and fixtures? and/or any other articles damaged/broken while using by the occupants shall be recovered before vacating the house.


9. The prospective occupier shall sign the captioned terms and conditions as a token of having read and agreed and return the same to the authority at the time of payment of advance.


10. In case of Power cut Tube Lights and ceiling fans shall be operated through the Generator. Use of any outside lights, Video Camera, Coffee Machine, Air Conditioner, Pedestal fans and/or any others electrical gadgets shall not be allowed.


Authority reserves the right of cancellation of Booking at any time under unavoidable circumstances.


List of Articles Supplied:

A. Chairs - 100 Nos (Fibre)

B. Tables - 20 Nos (Wooden / Fibre)

C. Dressing Table - 1 No

D. Khat - 1 No with Mattress and Pillow

E. Generator

F. Almirah

G. Reception Chairs - 2 Nos

H. Sofa - 10 Nos

I. Halogen - 2 Nos

J. CFL Light

K. Ceiling Fan


Parban Guest House Accomodation

We are pleased to introduce well equipped suits on the 3rd and 4th floor (with Lift facilities) of PARBAN Building with some attached bath and toilets and some common bath and toilets. Beds Rooms having natural air and ventilation and greeneries around your sight. This can be used for Accommodating your valued guests with calm and comfortable atmosphere at the time of any ocassion and or at any time you require.


Terms & Condition

1. The rooms are avilable for a period from 10 A.M. to 8 A.M. (Next Day) with A.C. Facility (Optional)


Charges Payable:

A.C Room / Flat Rs. ................................

Non A.C Room / Flat Rs. ................................


2. Comfortable bed, dining tables and chairs, dressing table, sofa with sufficient water, electricity etc are available.


3. Guest flats or suites may be booked separately while booking PARBAN Celebration Hall against Payment of Extra charges for the guest rooms.


4. Other Terms and conditions applicable for PARBAN will remain the same.


List of Articles Supplied:

A. 2 Bed Khat with Mattress and Pillow

B. Dinning Table with 4 CHairs (Common Place)

C. Dressing Table - 1

D. Sofa Set and Centre Table (Common Place)